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                Operational Excellence

                • Compact workforce of about 140 persons.
                • Higher end precision machining setup with 44 CNC machines including nine 5-axis machines with higher accuracy package.
                • 40 highly skilled and DMG trained CNC machinists.
                • 6 NDT Level 2 experts and 4 Level I experts in UT & LPT.
                • Fully committed and dedicated functional teams geared up for dynamic customer requirements.
                • Global standards of discipline, integrity and work culture.
                • Strict conformance to quality standards and customer specification.
                • International quality standards in all processes. Higher end quality assurance tools and methods.
                • Consistent timely delivery to all domestic and international customers.
                • Competitive prices and true value for money.
                • Structured methodology for failure investigation and analysis.
                • Extensive, efficient and reliable vendor base.
                • Captive laboratory and material testing facilities.
                • Research and Development framework.
                • Implementation of Business excellence and total quality management practices.
                • Consistent investment for infrastructure augmentation.
                • Green Plant. Captive source of green energy from solar power plant.
                • Integrated DataBase Management through SAP.
                • Net Zero Energy Building for higher end activities with LEEDs Platinum rating.
                • Concern for society and contribution towards CSR activities.
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